Photography courtesy of Maddy Jacobi.

el bio

Ellyn Lusis RGD is the designer formerly known as Pigeon Design Lab.

She had to change her name when a much bigger Pigeon came along and told her she ‘ruffled *too* many feathers’ and can no longer call herself a Pigeon. 

Nevertheless she persisted. 

So she decided that if you can’t ruffle feathers, then you should raise some ‘el. 

And el vetica design was born.

A little about Ellyn Lusis...

Ellyn is a graphic designer with a chronic illustration problem. 

Her clients love it though. They love that she makes them look their best, that she can’t say no to a challenge and that she delivers great work on-time and on budget. But mostly they love it when she speaks about herself in third person.

Oh, that Ellyn. Le *sigh*.


Ellyn Lusis, RGD (Registered Graphic Designer)

You can call me on my ‘el phone. 519.400.9381